Brittany Jamrozik


Marriage and Family Therapist Registered Intern

Bio: I believe that self-love is a radical act. When we prioritize ourselves, we teach the world that we are valuable, deserving of all we need to thrive. Investing in our selves will have a positive impact on others, an impact that will soon reach communities beyond our own. In this way, the personal act becomes a social movement. I advocate for each person’s right to create the ideal life they envision for themselves. But, in order to create and explore freely, one must feel supported and safe. I promise to share my most energetic, authentic self in offering you unconditional support and affirmation. As we collaborate side by side, I will encourage you to build your safety, discover your power, develop your voice, and welcome new passions, perspectives, and possibilities.

Experience, Orientation, Special Considerations:

Brittany has served in therapeutic roles for nearly a decade: as caregiver, group facilitator, counselor, teacher, activist, and artist. She specializes in creative approaches that focus on self expression and the power of shaping and sharing one’s unique voice. She brings a passion for social justice to her work, examining the way the intersection of systemic challenges affects our daily lives. She values clients as the experts on their own experiences, and looks to them to choose their own unique goals and personal preferences. Brittany enjoys the process of thought made visibleĀ through expressive arts, and making space for humor in times of struggle. She values a holistic approach to counseling, addressing the power of both mind and body. She leads weekly Self Care for Mind & Body workshops that use a yoga-inspired sequence of breathing, restorative movement, affirmations, and meditation to achieve feelings of personal safety and peace.


Master of Arts in Couples & Family Therapy from Adler University

Bachelor of Arts in Human Services & Social Work from Millikin University

Licensing, Associations and Affiliations:

Marriage and Family Therapist Intern IMF #77465 supervised by Dr. Diane Lass PSY#23820